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Vermicompost producer

EcoHarvest: Nourishing Growth

Grow big with us! Our Vermicompost enriches farms, yielding abundant vegetables. Witness urban success, as smiles bloom in lush fields.

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GreenGrowth: Flourishing Fields

Witness the power of nature’s growth with GreenGrowth! In the palm of one hand, our vermicompost-enriched paddy seeds flourish, symbolizing the abundant harvest and sustainable agriculture.

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Nature's Bounty: Organic Fields

Explore Nature’s Bounty, where lush green fields thrive with an abundance of organic vegetables. Our vermicompost nurtures the soil, cultivating healthy, sustainable crops for a greener future.

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Greener Tomorrow: Organic Harvest

Embrace a Greener Tomorrow with us! Our vermicompost enriches the soil, yielding a fistful of organic vegetables that signify a sustainable and healthier future for humankind.

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What we do

At our vermicompost production facility, we specialize in the manufacturing of premium organic vermicompost. Our dedicated team carefully selects and processes organic waste materials, utilizing earthworms to convert them into nutrient-rich vermicompost. Through a meticulous process, we ensure the highest quality standards, producing vermicompost that is teeming with beneficial microorganisms, essential nutrients, and organic matter.


Our vermicompost enhances soil fertility, improves plant growth, and promotes sustainable agriculture practices.

We offer a range of vermicompost products tailored to the specific needs of various crops and applications.


With our commitment to environmental sustainability and organic farming, we provide farmers with an eco-friendly solution that boosts soil health, maximizes yields, and fosters a greener future for agriculture.

About us

“Urvar Natural Pvt Ltd is a vermicompost manufacturer, dedicated to sustainable agriculture. Our premium 100{d5d0e9589abb7288bba1f5b5bfbbb084dd2204c5ad48e5f99825b6b9acf83a2c} organic vermicompost enhances soil fertility, and improves crop yield. We are a big advocate of eco-friendly farming practices. 


Trust us for high-quality 100{d5d0e9589abb7288bba1f5b5bfbbb084dd2204c5ad48e5f99825b6b9acf83a2c} organic vermicompost.”

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